Coach: Paul Thorne

12 march 2016Our last Tournament of the year at Kensington Road, was in my view a real success despite the results!

Our smaller squad of Betsy, Lola, Ellie, Felicity and an under the weather Ebony, were joined by some of the U8 team, Alma, Charlie, Matilda and our usual pocket dynamo Lilly May.

Our first game against Woodley started badly, and the team looked as though the long break due to two cancelled training sessions had left them looking rusty. A speculative long range shot through a large group of players was in off the post and we were 1-0 down. The game then was all Thatcham, with long periods of pressure and a fantastic defensive performance from Betsy. Woodley didn’t have another shot at goal, and Lilly May was almost though a couple of times.

Next up, Wargrave Cobras, and once again we conceded a goal in the first couple of minutes, after that Thatcham dominated the whole game, with a fantastic performance by Ellie who didn’t stop running. Unfortunately, even with Lilly May and Felicity’s hard work and a fantastic long range shot from Betsy, we couldn’t force a goal.
We then played Wargrave Pythons, an early soft goal and again all the girls worked fantastically hard to try and get back a goal.
We dominated possession all through, but chances were few.
Our last game was against Berks County,and by now all the girls were looking tired. This time we didn’t concede the early goal and were on top throughout. 0-0, but heads held high and with what I though was our best performances of the season.
Well done to all the girls and a special thank you to Charlie, Ebony and Felicity who all volunteered to go in goal and did brilliantly.